We find the best armed officers in the area that best fit to keep your area safe!

Rising Security trained, experienced, and certified personnel are visible reminders that your facility is secured. 

Time-tested recruitment, qualification and training programs—all personnel pre-screened and evaluated.

We proved all services. We will keep rising to the top for your business.

  • Armed & PPO Officers

  • National Disaster Response 

  • Facility Security Management

  • Screening Operations

  • Badging & Screening

  • Dignitary Protection

  • Security Escort

  • National Disaster Response 

  • Apartments, Retail Store, Events, and ETC....

  1. You will come into contact with the public.

  2. Wear a uniform or badge commonly associated with security or law enforcement, or a patch with wording that is likely to create the impression that they are security officers.

  3. Perform the duties of a security guard, private watchman, guard, or street patrol service to:

    1. Prevent entry, larceny, vandalism, abuse, fire, or trespass on private property.

    2. Prevent, observe, or detect unauthorized activity on private property.

    3. Control, regulate, or direct the movement of the public, whether by vehicle or otherwise, only to the extent and for the time directly and specifically required to ensure the protection of property.

    4. Protecting an individual from bodily harm including through the use of a personal protection officer.

    5. Perform a function similar to a function described above.